Compliance and Privacy

Compliance Program

At Theoria Medical, fostering a culture of integrity and ethical excellence is more than a commitment—it's the essence of our identity. Our comprehensive compliance program embodies our core principes of honestly, ethical behavior, and transparency while ensuring adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Our ethical commitments are embedded in every facet of our operations.  Because Theoria Medical rigorously trains, enforces and institutionalizes an ethical approach to healthcare, , setting new benchmarks in ethical healthcare delivery.

Retaliation-Free Reporting

Your courage to speak up is valued and protected. Our dedicated hotline is more than just a number—it's a safe channel for you to express concerns and report issues, knowing your identity will be guarded with the utmost confidentiality. We are committed to creating an environment where open communication is not just encouraged but safeguarded.

We stand firmly against any form of retaliation. Reporting a concern in good faith brings no risk to you; it only helps us uphold our high standards of integrity and ethical conduct. Your willingness to come forward is essential to maintaining the trust and safety of our entire community.

How to Report

To voice a concern or report a compliance issue, please reach out to us at:

Hotline Number: (248) 468-6630 - Available 24/7, ensuring there's always a line open for you. We can also be reached via email Your report can make a difference. Together, we can ensure that Theoria Medical continues to be a place of ethical excellence and integrity.

Privacy Program

At Theoria Medical, we consider patient privacy to be a critical component of the healthcare services we offer. The Theoria Medical Privacy Program focuses on developing and implementing policies and safeguards designed to ensure the confidentiality of our patients' information.

Interested in understanding more about how we safeguard your information? Click here for our Privacy Policy.

If you have a privacy concern: Report the concern to the Compliance Hotline at (248) 468-6630.